Friday, 24 February 2017

Emperor in February.

Two years ago Paul had an Emperor Moth handed to him that had been caught locally in a moth trap. This moth then laid a large number of eggs that soon hatched out. Paul then reared them through and in the summer they became pupa. Last year just a single female emerged. Yesterday Paul contacted me to tell me that 4 male Emperors had just emerged, but with Paul busy all day and as I was busy this morning it was not until this afternoon that I could take advantage. By now another moth had also emerged, once again this one too was a male. It is quite unusual for me to photograph reared insects, but the Emperor Moth is a special moth that is always good to see. The sun was a bit too low by the time we could photograph the moths but a few images were managed. I also heard today of a male Emperor being seen in West Sussex yesterday so I will soon be out over the Sussex Downs looking for more of these great moths.

Male Emperor Moth.

The Antennae used to find female pheromones.

Male Emperor Moth showing 4 false eyes.


  1. Hello. I've seen this beautiful butterfly once. Awesome.

  2. Bom dia, nunca tinha visto uma traça, a foto é bela e perfeita a mostrar todos os detalhes.