Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Adder and the Ladybird.

Having returned from South Africa yesterday and still feeling somewhat tired I was quite happy to just stay at home and sort out the photos when Pete rang to say he was off today and fancied a spot of Adder hunting. As the sun was shining I thought it actually sounded quite a good plan.
We set off for a short visit to one of my Adder sites. Before we got to the hot-spot we saw my first Small Tortoiseshell of the year. Once we got to the Adder area we quickly saw 2. There had been quite a bit of scrub clearance in the area and this has possibly disturbed some of the reptiles and we didn't find any more further along the valley. Heading back to the area we had seen the 2 Pete took some photos with my telephoto lens so we didn't disturb them. I then had a go and as I was approaching the Adder a Ladybird settled just by the snake and proceeded to walk over the head!! We then photographed the first one we had seen which had now been joined by a 3rd snake. During this we also saw a 2nd Small Tortoiseshell.

Adder and Ladybird.

2 Adders sharing body heat.



  1. Stunning pictures. Although abhor snakes. The uppermost picture is awesome. Have a nice day.

  2. Fantastic shots!
    I am sad I don't see adders at my place any more.
    They are not aggressive and so beautiful!
    I would love to have an opportunity at a shot with 2 of them in the same pic!!

  3. Amazing shots,love the first image,first class.

  4. Fantastic shots. The snakes have such character. Even if it is malevolent

  5. Yuk snakes! I do not like snakes at all. The hair stand upright when the other in them.

  6. Hi Bob
    beautifully photographed, one recognizes class details on the scale not seen otherwise
    greetings Frank

    1. Many thanks to you all for your great comments. I appreciate them all, even those that are not so favourable of our snakes!!