Friday 28 August 2015

Fresh Females Makes My Day!!

Unfortunately not as exciting as it sounds!! However, after yet another torrential downpour this morning the sun actually made an appearance today and a walk over the back produced 2 newly emerged female Silver-spotted Skippers that both posed very nicely for me. With all this bad weather over the last couple of weeks the emergence of many butterflies will have been held back. A few Adonis and Chalkhill Blues were seen as well as 3 Wall Brown. One of which was extremely tatty. I couldn't find any Autumn Ladies Tresses on the patch although maybe they are still to show here. I did see some 2 days ago at Bishopstone and I was to see some later today.

Female Silver-spotted Skipper.

In the afternoon with Pen once again in Eastbourne I headed to Birling Gap. Here it was evident that Autumn is here with both the Clustered Bellflower and the Autumn Ladies Tresses being quite numerous, although the breeze kept the butterflies in cover. That is apart from a few Chalkhill Blues, Small Heath and Meadow Brown. My thanks to Peter Whitcomb for correcting me on my identification of the Clustered Bellflower!!

Clustered Bellflower.

Autumn Ladies Tresses.

Female Chalkhill Blue.

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