Sunday 28 June 2015

Mullein Larva.

After an unsuccessful search for the Frog Orchids on the local Downland it was then a search in Friston Forest for anything else. I had seen the fabulously marked Mullein larvae in the forest a few years ago and as I had seen some pictures recently on Flickr I knew that there was a chance. Looking on the Mullein there was no sign, but then my eye was caught by one on Figwort. In the end 8 were seen, all on Figwort except one single larva on its names foodplant, Mullein.

Mullein Moth larva feeding on Figwort.

After this success several other insects of note were seen including my first Scarlet Tiger of the year and my first 2015 Ringlet. A lovely Fox cub was curled up on the path which just looked up and watched us. A few Dark Green Fritillaries and Large Skippers but very few Marbled Whites. A very fresh male Small Skipper did allow some photographs to be taken.

Male Small Skipper.

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