Wednesday 13 May 2015

Mayfly Magic.

As well as seeing and having enormous enjoyment photographing those gorgeous Demoiselles there was a large hatch of Mayflies happening. I find these insects really fascinating and very photogenic. 


I also found this Drinker larva which had just finished shedding its skin. I have never seen this behaviour before except with a tiny Orange-tip larva that I had in the garden once.

Drinker moth larva with shed skin.

After this is was back to the Mayflies. I had seen one earlier that had just emerged from its excuvia and flown away. A little later I found another one in the same situation. I decided to try and get an image of both the excuvia and the adult. This was far from easy as it was pretty breezy and not only was the grass they were on very flimsy, so was both the excuvia and the Mayfly. They were all flapping around like mad. After taking some 20 shots I was very pleased and quite frankly, amazed at getting a shot with them all reasonably in focus, all being blown in the same direction as the wind!!

Mayfly with excuvia.


  1. Superb clean shots Bob, top images.

  2. Wonderful Mayfly images Bob, not sure I have ever seen one.