Saturday 7 March 2015

Tortoiseshell, Wall larva and Shrike.

Yesterday near High and Over I was looking for Wall Brown larva when, looking up I spotted a Great Grey Shrike nearby. Totally unexpected as well as giving some good views. After watching it for a while it did the usual Shrike thing of vanishing!! Another brief view in the afternoon before it vanished again. This morning I spent a couple of hours hoping it would reappear, but no luck. This afternoon, following a walk along Cradle Valley I re-found it again where it gave brief views. It seems to favour the bushes between the wood at the Littlington end and the path up from the bottom of the valley at the Northern end of High and Over. It is much easier to watch from the river bank as the whole area can be seen. 

Great Grey Shrike.

Back to the Wall Brown larva and yesterday and today I found 2 larva. One was the same but the 2nd today was  much smaller than the 2nd one yesterday. The large one today I managed to photograph feeding on the grass, which shows the feeding pattern on the grass. Also today I saw at least 6 Small Tortoiseshell.

Wall Brown larva feeding.

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