Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Snow Bunting at Bexhill.

With the weather being a little unpredictable yesterday it was decided to head to Bexhill where a rather smart male Snow Bunting has been showing quite well. Although it didn't show straight away it then appeared on the roof of a beach hut. For the next hour it showed on and off, including a little bit of feeding on the beach itself. At one point it had a bit of an argument with a Turnstone. All the time the weather improved. By mid afternoon it was wall to wall sunshine.

Male Snow Bunting.


The day continued in a positive mode with several Bearded Tits being seen followed by another trip to watch the Short-eared Owls. It seemed an ideal evening for the owls, however, the owls were not as showy as they had been in the past.

Short-eared Owl.

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