Saturday, 24 January 2015

Kestrel and Mergansers.

With Pen having a week of respite care at the hospice I was able to get out and about doing a bit of birding. Widewater was visited several times over 3 days as the weather was a little better in the West of the county, and a photogenic Kestrel and up to 8 Red-breasted Margansers were at Widewater. Although the Kestrel didn't show as well as it has for some lucky observers I did manage a few pleasing photos. On both Thursday and Friday we then went on to other destinations with the highlight being West Dean Woods where we saw lots of Hawfinches. 2 very showy Firecrest were also there that gave great views through the binoculars. A few pictures of some of the other highlights to follow, but here is a selection of the Kestrel pictures.

The Male Kestrel.

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